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Ci5: The New Professionals

Ci5: The New Professionals

Welcome to Ci5: The New Professionals

Who we are:

A mature (18+) camaraderie gang where age is just a number and wisdom reigns supreme.

We prioritize effective communication and strategic planning over lightning-fast reflexes, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated gaming experience.

With a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, we foster friendships and camaraderie that extend beyond the virtual battlefield.

Where every member’s input is valued and respected.

Where we are:

Australia New Zealand , anyone within 20,000km of Australia is welcome

What we play:

Squad 44, Squad, HD 2, SoT, A wide range of cooperative games, suggestions are always welcomed.

Join us today to experience the perfect blend of skill, strategy, and camaraderie in the world of gaming, where being a team player is not just encouraged, it’s celebrated.