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Aydo Intergalactic Corporation

Aydo Intergalactic Corporation

Put simply, AydoCorp was created to join players toward a common goal of having a community in which the goals of cooperation and teamwork are shared. Upon release of Star Citizen we plan to focus more on the logistics side of things, but until then we simply strive to have a good time together and enjoy what the alpha offers as new content comes around. While casual in nature, if you are looking to eventually go for a more serious role, whether it be to hone your skills at a gameplay loop/career, or to take on a leadership role, the management team at AydoCorp is more than willing to help you achieve that. Regardless, all members are given support for anything they wish to do, and we are very new-player friendly with members that give hours of their time helping out when needed. If this sounds appealing to you, then please don’t hesitate to apply on the website on the RSI page, or hop into our Discord to talk with one of the group! Like our CEO always says, “it’s better to play together“.

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