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Apt Misfortune

Apt Misfortune

Attention players looking for a crew to help you with heists, racing, businesses or just general free-roam shenanigans, I bring to you: Apt Misfortune. A crew you can come to after work or just general busy life and have a good time talking in vc whilst you mess around in the streets of Los Santos or decide to annoy El Rubio for the 50th time cause you need a bit of cash for that new car.

I wish to stress that this Crew is not for those who play with a more grinder or heavily active play-style. While we will be doing heists, cargo, businesses,etc. to help other gain money and RP. This will be for those who like to take a more casual and relaxed approach to GTA and maybe want to mess around from time to time.

There are no restrictions on Rank or properties requirement, we just ask that you’re eighteen years old. Just to avoid awkwardness in voice chat. We hope that overtime that we can help other earn their kosatkas, arcades, cars, etc. and thus spread that help to others in the server so that nobody is left waiting for someone to help them

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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