Boost Your Community


Support Your Community & Boost Your Rankings

As continues to grow and host communities from across the globe, clans are always looking for additional ways to stand out.
That is why we’ve introduced a way for both members and leaders alike to help boost their rankings in the search results with boosts!

How It Works:
All community pages now have a “Boost Your Community” button, where anyone can purchase boosts for $0.99 each for their clan.

When your community receives a boost, the search results of any page on will sort by number of boosted clans first.
These boosts are indefinite, so no need to fear that your purchase will be reset in anyway.

30% of all revenue, including this boost option is given to charity.
This is another way both members and leaders alike can help promote their community and ensure they are seen by the masses without breaking the bank.

Our goal at is to help all communities, both large and small grow and find like-minded members.
So get your team involved in helping promote your organization while helping charitable causes along the way!