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The Torn Cloak Society

The Torn Cloak Society

Before I Begin! Let Me Be Clear! You Have To Be An Active Discord Member To Join If You Are Inactive For More Than A Week It Will Result In Being Kicked From The Community  Thank You!

And Now A Few Words From Our Leader…

Hi everyone! I’m the Leader of The Torn Cloak Society – Cloak Of Storms & welcome to our page.

To keep it short yet simple let my be the first say welcome I’m glad you picked our page to read we are a small but growing gaming community we treat everyone who joins as more family than gaming partner this way we all have a good experience when gaming and a person doesn’t feel left out!
We strive to become better with each passing day we play a wide variety of video games so don’t feel like your left out just because you don’t play alot of CoD.

We want you to find your place here so we have implemented a perfect ranking system for just that it helps us be aware of who’s active and who’s and also allows you to become high up in the clan the harder you work so while not gaming your still growing with the clan in every way you can! But for now I must say I am hopeful you’ll choose our community and make the choice that’s right for you!

Also before I go we do require Discord and like before we do require you to be as active as you can we understand that if you work or have school or are dealing with family matters we understand these are valid reasons and it happens to everyone we all gotta make a living and learn am I right!? Well for now this is goodbye 👋 and I hope to see you soon be safe and have a good rest of the year!

To Join The Society Please Join Through The Discord Link Above Thank You!
We Accept Any Member No Matter What Gender Or Race You Are In Hope’s Of Building A Brighter More Friendly Approach To Team Gaming!
We Are Also LGBTQ+ Friendly!